Data Structures Tests

Read the instructions carefully- 


1) Each test paper checks your understanding of a specific concept.

2) Each test paper consists of total 5 questions.

3) For each correct answer, you will be awarded 1 mark.

4) For each incorrect or unattempted question, you will be awarded 0 mark.

5) There is no negative marking.

6) There is no time constraint but try to finish the test as early as possible to increase your speed.

7) You are allowed to use your own non-programmable calculator.


Most Important-

These test papers are meant for you just to test the understanding of the concepts, so do not make use of any unfair means while taking the test. Take the test sincerely and honestly without any cheating for the betterment of yourself.

All the best…Keep learning 🙂


Test Papers-


  1. Test paper based on the concept “Binary Tree Formulas”
  2. Test paper based on the concept “Binary Tree Traversal Techniques”
  3. Test paper based on the concept “Binary Search Trees”


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