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Digital Design By Morris Mano


This article reviews the book “Digital Design” by M. Morris Mano.

The article covers-

  • Special features of book
  • Analysis of Content
  • Analysis of Exercises
  • Necessary Instructions
  • Conclusion


Why Should Be Read?


Special Features of Book-


The special features of this book are-

  • It contains the most comprehensive text on this subject.
  • It is recommended even in IITs.
  • It covers all the GATE topics crisply.
  • It follows a very simple and easy-to-understand approach.
  • It is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate-level students.
  • It has ample exercise questions for practice.
  • The exercise questions are at par with the level of questions asked in the GATE exam.


Analysis of Content-


The following table analyzes sections of the book that are relevant for GATE-


Chapter No.GATE Relevant SectionsGATE Topics Covered
1All SectionsBinary Systems
22.1 to 2.6Boolean Algebra
2.7Logic Gates
33.1 to 3.4K-Maps
3.5 to 3.8Implementation of SOP & POS forms
44.1 to 4.4Combinational Circuits
4.5 to 4.9Multilevel NAND / NOR Circuits & Implementation
55.2 to 5.3Adder & Subtractor
5.4 to 5.6Encoders, Decoders, MUX
66.1 to 6.3Sequential Circuits & Flip Flops
6.4 to 6.6Characteristics & Excitation Tables of Flip Flops
6.7 to 6.8Design of Sequential Circuits & Counters
77.1 to 7.3Registers
7.4 to 7.5Counters
7.7 to 7.8RAM

Covering Only These Sections Is Enough


Analysis of Exercises-


The following table analyzes exercises of the book that are relevant for GATE-


Chapter No.Question No.
11-10, 1-11, 1-12, 1-13, 1-14, 1-16, 1-17, 1-18, 1-19, 1-22, 1-23, 1-24, 1-31
22-1 to 2-7, 2-11 to 2-18, 2-22
33-5 to 3-8, 3-11 to 3-19, 3-22 to 3-27
44-1 to 4-11, 4-15 to 4-19, 4-21, 4-22, 4-28 to 4-30
55-4 to 5-7, 5-12, 5-13, 5-15 to 5-18, 5-23 to 5-32
66-1 to 6-3, 6-5 to 6-9, 6-11 to 6-16, 6-19 to 6-25
77-4, 7-5, 7-8, 7-9, 7-10, 7-14 to 7-17, 7-33 to 7-37

Practicing Only These Exercises Is Enough


Necessary Instructions-


Keep the following instructions in mind while reading the book-

  • The book has nearly 500 pages.
  • However, if you cover only GATE related topics, it comes down to 300 pages.
  • There is not much to skip from the first seven subjects.
  • It is the most scoring subject out of all the subjects in the GATE syllabus.
  • The questions asked are pretty straight forward.
  • If you have studied this subject well, you can answer all the questions easily.
  • Most of the questions asked are from the topics of combinational & sequential circuits.
  • Sequential circuits is the only part from where tough questions may be asked.
  • So, lay down more focus on sequential circuits.
  • The questions asked in the exam are purely numerical in nature.
  • So, give utmost importance to solving the exercise questions.
  • Practicing exercise questions is enough for getting a good grip over the subject.




  • The textbook covers all the topics mentioned in the GATE syllabus.
  • The well-curated exercise questions provide sufficient practice to solve GATE questions.
  • Overall, covering this book alone is sufficient for GATE preparation of this subject.
  • You need not to refer anything else.





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