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Simplex | Half Duplex | Full Duplex

Types of Communication Channels-


In computer networking, there are 3 types of communication channels-



  1. Simplex channel
  2. Half duplex channel
  3. Full duplex channel


1. Simplex Channel-


  • A simplex communication channel can send the signals only in one direction.
  • Thus, entire bandwidth of the channel can be used during the transmission.




Radio station

  • Radio station is a good example of a simplex communication channel.
  • A radio station always sends signals to its audience.
  • It never receives signals from the audience.


2. Half Duplex Channel-


  • A half duplex communication channel can send signals in both the directions but in only one direction at a time.
  • It may be considered as a simplex communication channel whose transmission direction can be switched.





  • Walkie-Talkie is a good example of a half duplex channel.
  • Walkie-talkie has a push-to-talk button.
  • This button is used to turn on the transmitter but turn off the receiver.
  • When the button is pressed, transmitter can not hear the receiver but receiver can hear the transmitter.


3. Full Duplex Channel-


  • A full duplex communication channel can send signals in both the directions at the same time.
  • Full duplex communication channels greatly increases the efficiency of communication.





  • Telephone is a good example of a full duplex channel.
  • Both the persons can speak as well as hear each other at the same time.


Channel Capacity-


The total number of bits a channel can hold is called as its capacity.


Capacity of a half duplex channel

= Bandwidth x Propagation delay


Capacity of a full duplex channel

= 2 x Capacity of a half duplex channel

= 2 x Bandwidth x Propagation delay


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