5 Paraphrasing Ways To Paraphrase Content Better

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The 5 Really Obvious Ways To Paraphrase Content Better Than You Ever Did



Paraphrasing content is one of the key practices that every writer learns. So, what are some of the best ways of doing it?

Paraphrasing is one of the most viable practices in the writing world. It helps writers with many aspects and improves the overall integrity of any text. So, let’s talk about some of the best ways a writer can paraphrase their content today.


Importance Of Paraphrasing Content-


Paraphrasing is a technique that is used to express an idea or argument in different words. It can be done by either using synonyms, changing the sentence structure, or using other rhetorical devices. Here are a few points that tell us the importance of paraphrasing:

  • It helps avoid plagiarism;
  • It improves quality;
  • It makes content more suitable for marketing or academic purposes.

It has been shown to improve one’s writing skills and reduce plagiarism risk. That’s why it’s important to learn the skill of paraphrasing content properly.


05 Best Ways To Paraphrase-


Paraphrasing content can be easy when you know what to do. Or, you can make it better by simply using the right tactics to rephrase manually. In this section, we’ll explore the five tips you can use to paraphrase content better. So, let’s dive right in.


1. Changing Active Voice To Passive-


Content voice is one of the things about any content that could make or break it. In order to ensure that any content performs above par, it’s the responsibility of the writer to provide the right content voice. But, rarely ever is there a case where passive voice is acceptable.

In active voice, we’re talking about the subject. In passive voice, we talk about the action.


Here’s an example of a passive voice sentence:

“The car was being driven by the security chief to the place selected by him.”

As you can see, the passive-voice sentence can make it difficult to follow the subject. To make it clearer, here’s it in active voice”:

“The security chief was driving his car to his chosen location.”


In this sentence, you can see that the subject and action are clearer. That’s why you should always try to paraphrase your content from passive to active voice.


2. Shortening Or Breaking The Sentences-


To your benefit, one of the best ways to use paraphrasing is to describe something in shorter sentences. It’s important to understand that shorter and simpler sentences are easier to read and understand. Nobody wants to read a 40+ word sentence and try to understand it.


Here’s what you need to remember:

  • 10-15 words are ideal;
  • 15-20 words are acceptable;
  • Anything above 20-words is long.

Granted, there are times when you need just that extra word to describe something. But a sentence or two in a thousand-word article is acceptable. You cannot write every other sentence as a very long and difficult one.


Here’s an example:

“The good kind of content requires the writer to understand the concept, and then deliver on the aspect of key information so that the reader might find it informative and actionable.”

This is a very difficult-to-read 31-word sentence. This is in no way acceptable. So, let’s paraphrase to fix it:

“Good content requires the writer to understand its key concepts. It’ll allow the writer to deliver key info emphatically. So, that it can be informative and actionable for the reader.”


As you can see, what was one sentence is now broken down into three separate ones—with the longest one being 11-words. So, you should paraphrase to condense or shorten the content.


3. Using Alternative Words or Synonyms-


Describing something using the right word has a more powerful impact than using many words to describe something. In many cases, writers try to emphasize the importance of something by embellishing words with adjectives. It’s not always helpful. The purpose of your paraphrasing should be to provide a better explanation and clarity in your content.


Here’s an example of it:

“The car wasn’t only beautifully sleek, it was outstanding in color, design, and overall aura.”

These kinds of sentences almost make it too difficult to understand what the writer is trying to tell you. Once again, simplicity is the best way, and here’s proof:

“The car’s gleaming appearance made it a treat for the eyes.”


You can see we went from describing the car as “beautifully sleek” and “outstanding in color, design…”to simply defining it as having a “gleaming appearance.”This should tell you how you can use alternative words or synonyms to describe something simple and much more emphatically.


4. Writing For Better Clarity-


Clarity is the ever-elusive quality of any content that writers wish to gain. In order to paraphrase for better clarity, the content needs to feature a few important things.


These things include:

  • Better and simple synonyms;
  • Shorter sentences;
  • Active voice;
  • No use of jargon or technical language.


Therefore, your job is to read your content again and again, to ensure that you’re not committing any mistakes that prevent your content from having these four features. So, once you read through, you will have to use better and simpler synonyms.


5. Employ An Online Paraphrasing Tool-


Sometimes, it can be very hectic to reword the content manually, so what can you do?

As we all know that there are various online tools available for almost every task, so you can Paraphrase Online for better and time-efficient results.



A paraphrasing tool is very helpful in attaining uniqueness without disturbing the intent of the content.




These are the key aspects of writing quality content that every writer should learn. So, paraphrasing doesn’t only improve the quality; it also reduces the risks of plagiarism. Therefore, it’s important that you employ these five techniques to become better at paraphrasing.


5 Paraphrasing Ways To Paraphrase Content Better
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5 Paraphrasing Ways To Paraphrase Content Better
Paraphrasing content can be easy when you know what to do. Or, you can make it better by simply using the right tactics to rephrase manually. Here, we'll explore the five tips you can use to paraphrase content better
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