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7 Benefits of Sample Essays

7 Benefits Of Sample Essays-


If you wonder how to start writing an essay, you simply need to begin with an outline. When it comes to these kinds of sketches, you should use complete phrases to organize your ideas. This is the only way to collect your ideas and compose a consistent essay. Your thoughts will flow in a logical sequence and the subject phrases in your main part will build a stronger punch.


At its best, the benefits of a sample essay extend far beyond the test itself. If you followed your plan, the editing procedure should be much easier, too. Let’s review the 7 top advantages of an essay sketch.


Greater Concentration-


Writing a sample essay helps you infuse your paper with clear ideas. The reason is that if you cannot summarize the main points of your paragraph in a clear sentence, then you are not likely to write a clear paragraph in the first place.

In a paper, your thesis statement is what makes your total composition from the beginning up to the very end. This is something to focus on with each thought you form and, subject phrase you create. Regardless of how convincing a statement or thought-provoking fact, presenting, it should reflect your initial point.

An overview extracts and highlights all of your thoughts. It helps you stay concentrated and not move to irrelevant topics.

While trying to make your first essay sample, you might not completely understand what it should look like. For your convenience, check out Online Free Sample Essays written by specialists. To find a paper example, you need to make an order and download a sample to check whether it meets your requirements.


Smooth Transitions-


To make your paper readable and easy-to-follow, you need to make your paper coherent. Words and sentences of transition between abstracts are essential. They stick the parts together with smooth and upright lines.

When you reread your paper and wonder how it goes from one idea right away to the next, you failed in making a clever transition. A well-designed plan will help you understand whether your transitions are coherent and whether your content has a consistent order.


Ideal Order Of Content-


A good sentence preview will help you infuse a better flow in your paper. This is because you not only need arguments to convince your readers, you also need to convince them logically.

By describing your thought in the form of a sentence, you can judge the effectiveness of these arguments circulate as they argue your case. This way, you can make the necessary modifications such as the omission or the introduction of an additional paragraph or paragraphs to consolidate your arguments.

Concentration and transitions put us in the right place. Teachers all over the world feel differently about the flow of a dissertation. Many have concluded that it is best to present your most solid points first, and then carry on with something less poignant. Your plan will help you determine if your facts were presented in the optimum sequence of impacts.


More Up To The Point Writing-


With an overview, the writers have already explained how they will proceed to write their paper, preventing aimless meanders on the page and confusing readers. With most of the heavy work carried out, writers only have to refer to their plan to keep their writing on track.

Your plan will help you meet one of the main purposes of drafting: brevity. To use ten words while two will never be enough is not good for a writer. Keeping your message clear and concise get your idea to the reader, instead of being buried under a mountain of useless words and unrelated topics of discussion.


Keep It Organized-


The organization of essays may be difficult when authors generate pages of text and then attempt to impose order. In most instances, the paper will be marked by repetition and will contain irrelevant content. That is where the key points can save the day.

With the thesis, subjects, and subcategories already in place, the author does not have to stop the flow of writing. You can simply use the main lines as a model and enlarge them with details.


Adequacy Of Evidence Evaluation-


By describing your sentences, you have a greater chance of understanding how much evidence you have to make your case. This way, you can backtrack and do more research to make sure you have enough equipment to defend your case in the trial.


Saving Time-


Giving your paper a detailed look at the sentence allows you to review your paper easily and faster. This is because all you have to do is delete a few sentences. This is a more practical activity than if you had to do it on a finished manuscript that would require extensive rewriting.

Therefore, using a phrase plan for your writing tasks is that it saves you time. Once you have set the order, a flow of arguments, you will write your assignments more quickly than if you tried to do so without a clear picture of these elements in mind.

Writing a sample essay is one of the basic and most important sketching shapes that can help in the order and structuring of your tasks. These sentences help you see the big picture of what your paper will look like, in addition to giving you many advantages.


Machine Learning in Education

Machine Learning in Education: The Use of Artificial Intelligence In The Classroom


We are all witnessing how the modern age is affecting all aspects of our lives each day. With the use of technology at every step, everything seems much easier to do than before. And that is only one of many benefits that advanced technology brings us. In recent history, machine learning started to be more implemented into our educational institutions. Artificial intelligence is being more involved in the classrooms too. It can be said that slowly but surely, we are preparing a better and brighter future for the next generations in terms of making their studying more interesting and easier.



As you may know, the use of essays is today common during studies. Of course, technological equipment affected this area positively and allowed students to write their essays more efficiently. Nowadays, students frequently like to order essays online. You can check out LegitWritingServices’ Rating and see how this website can help you to choose the right essay writing company. Anyways, our focus is directed towards machine learning and the use of AI in schools and colleges. Stay tuned to find out some interesting and useful information about it.


Cooperation Between AI and Professors-


As previously mentioned, the use of artificial intelligence slowly becomes a normal thing to see after entering the classroom. Depending on countries’ level and speed of technological development and resources that are at disposal, we can make our expectations and assessment about which ones have advanced technology and which haven’t. However, at the moment that shouldn’t be a priority. The key point is to implement AI in as many educational systems as possible. This step represents a core and foundation. Afterward, country leaders and governments can focus on improving and growing technological features.


One of the first signs of successfully applied utilization of Machine Learning can be visible in cooperation among artificial intelligence and professors. What do we mean? Well, there are already positive results coming from AI and teachers’ collaboration. One of the primaries uses of AI in education was related to the accuracy and efficiency of test results. Robots can allow people to use tools that measure correction of the tests unmistakably. And that can help professors to commit more to students and some other activities in the classroom. The vision of our programmers is to make cooperation between AI and educators complete in the future. It is one step forward towards getting used to the use of such technology every day. And that’s what our students must be well prepared for.


Global Access For The Students-


Every person that reads this article may witness how people had been struggling in the past to communicate with others who are far away. Yes, today we have an opportunity to use social media or some programs like Skype, for example, to see one another over long distances. But machine learning is something that can bring it to a higher level. Do you wonder how? Equality among the students and exactly the same conditions for each one of them is something we all strive for in the future. Global access to the classroom interior is a thing that technological tools can allow students to possess. Regardless of what language you speak, a vision is to make students able to attend classes even if they are prevented from doing that for some reason, due to illness or anything else. This way, a student will not lose a step with his or her peers and will have a possibility to learn lessons even without attending to its subject. Imagine that you are interested in a subject that is not available to learn in your school. Through the use of AI tools, you will be able to listen to lessons about it just by looking at the screen of a laptop, phone, or PC. It is needless to say how significant it will be for students in the future.


Tutorial Courses Outside The Classroom’s Walls-


In the past and even present, it is often the case that students find it hard to master some particular subjects. They often run into issues, whether it is about their homework, understanding of lessons, or something else. Students rarely have an opportunity to find proper guidance and support outside of the classrooms’ walls. And that’s what the use of artificial intelligence is certainly going to change. You can feel free to ask someone you know about how he or she reacts after finding out that their child has struggled with some subject. The level of their inability to provide them with proper help is transparent as a window. Today, all you can do is to ask some teacher for additional, private classes. That can be expensive and for some families unaffordable. And the only person that will suffer there is no other than a student. In the future, that will not be the case. Technological developers are working tirelessly on tutoring programs and making them available for students 24/7. Those programs will be designed to provide students with all necessary information about specific subjects they are interested in. There are already some applications that allow students to learn more easily. A goal is to keep it that way and make it even easier.




It is not an invention of hot water if we say how important the role artificial intelligence and machine learning will have soon. Humans are working on their development with a certain clear purpose. And it is not related to overcoming the robots over us. On the contrary, it is imagined as a mutual collaboration between people and machines and bringing our global education to a higher level.


How To Write Evaluation Essay

How To Write Evaluation Essay-


An evaluation essay is intended to teach you to build up an unbiased review of a business, service, movie, book, painting and any other important thing. Your task is to provide your judgment backed up with evidence you manage to gather to prove your standpoint. With an evaluation essay, as well as with any other type, it is good when you structurize your writing process. This way you manage to create a qualitative piece of writing to meet all the requirements with no hurdles. Consider the following tips to write a good evaluation essay.



Follow CJE Guide-


The basic principle of the evaluation essay writing process is following the CJE guide. It will allow you to create a skeleton of your paper and gather the material to work with so that you will only have to put everything in order and get your essay ready. Here are the guide points explained for you:



In order to provide an evaluation of any service or book, you need to pick out criteria according to which the evaluation will take place. Criteria are the common expectations from the product or movie, or whatever you write about, the points they have to match with due to some general truth and beliefs.



Judgment lies in your analysis of whether the criteria are met or not.



Evidence is provided to back up your judgment to show that it is not based on your opinion but can be proved by independent data and materials.


Following this guide, you will manage to gather raw materials and put your ideas together, so that you will be halfway done with your essay. Your next big step will be in structuring all the material you gathered and came up with.


Complete Simple Steps-


An evaluation essay, in the same way as any other type of essay, can be written in several simple steps. If you pay enough attention to every one of them, you will be happy to get a qualitative piece of writing in the end. Look at the steps to consider:


Select Topic:

If you are not given the topic but only the direction in your essay assignment, it is important to pick out the proper one on your own. First of all, you’d better select the topic you are interested in. This way it will be easier for you to gather material on it. In addition, the topic and object of your essay must be comparable, meaning that with only one look at it you could state some criteria and expectations to judge about.


Develop Thesis:

The next crucial step is to generate a thesis as a central point of your essay. If you hesitate, that you manage to create a good one, you can always ask the essay paper writing service for help or handle the professional writers the whole essay to write for you.


Consider Criteria-

Once you have your thesis and topic, consider the criteria you thought earlier about. It is recommended to select at least three separate and strong points. This will allow you to build up an extensive judgment and fulfill your assignment requirements. Don’t make it too much with criteria as well as don’t select very close and similar points to avoid repetition.


Gather Evidence-

Not to sound opinionated, you need to justify your judgment with proof. Gather statistics, historical facts, other reliable materials to create a logical and sensible layout of the topic.



Remember to follow the structure. Start with an introduction including thesis, move on to the main body with at least three criteria plus judgment supported with evidence, and summarize everything in conclusion.


Once you pass through all the steps, you will have an almost ready essay. Take some time for proofreading and editing and hand in your paper with confidence in success.


Style Up Your Essay-


If you look for some more interesting way on how to tailor your evaluation paper, revise some most used ideas and pick out the best suitable one:


Contrast / Comparison-

Pick out the best piece of the genre or field and use it as your general criteria to compare your item to it.


Unmet Expectations-

Start your essay with expectations either you or most people have considering your genre and build up your essay describing whether the picked service or book has met the expectations or not and providing the proofs to it all.


Typical Representative-

This option is similar to contrast/comparison but with the difference that you compare your chosen item not to the top famous but most typical representative of the field.


Chronological Order-

If you evaluate service or any other item you have experienced on your own, you can assess it chronologically, the way you interact with it.


Visual Effect-

In case you need to evaluate some piece of visual art, such as painting, play, movie, etc, it is obvious that you pick out the criteria to describe and assess the visual effect the item under study produces with the field-specific details and measurements.


Social Context-

You can also evaluate the item according to its social context. The global impact, local importance, effect on some event or people, and so on.


This means, that you are not limited to one way and means of evaluation. You have to do a little research and pick out the best suitable means to depict the quality and significance of the service, book, or movie you have decided to evaluate.


To Conclude-


Evaluation essay is not about giving your opinion on some item or event but assessing it from an objective and unprejudiced view. The main point is to select the evaluation principles you like, express your judgment and back it up with proofs. Take your time to create a high-quality essay step-by-step fulfilling the requirements or get professional writers to help you.


Machine Learning For College Education in 2021

Obstacles & Benefits That Comes Into Consideration About Machine Learning For College Education in 2021-


We are living in times when the use of technology for our daily purposes is not something out of the ordinary. Today people utilize technological features and devices for a lot of different reasons. Having this in mind, we can easily conclude that an area which is not excluded from this is, of course, education. The use of machine learning is slowly but surely becoming an essential part of the worlds’ education. Students are getting used to it step by step and it is something that will overtake common habits and work ethic of educational institutions around the globe in the future. Naturally, everything has its right and wrong side.



Let’s see what obstacles and benefits come into consideration when we speak about machine learning for college education.


The Use Of Artificial Intelligence-


Looking for the best online reviews about essays? Visit and check what they have to offer. It is a website specifically designed for the public interested in writing, especially the one associated with essays. Why are we mentioning it? Well, because there can be found very useful reviews of people who had previous contacts or experiences with the use of artificial intelligence in education. It represents one of the first technological features that we successfully implemented into our educational systems.


Let’s take China as an example. It is one of the countries that tirelessly work on developing AI, alongside the USA and Japan, and allow it to become an inseparable part of their colleges. What the Chinese managed to achieve already is perhaps the best positive sign that we, as a species, have progressed massively in the field of technology. But as much as it seems advanced, we have just begun and more, better things are yet to come. Namely, Chinese students have robots at their disposal that are able to control their health. Yeah, you read it right. Those robots are specifically created just for this purpose and it is surely a big benefit. The only thing that needs to be done is to expand it to a larger number of colleges that will use them. Another benefit of AI in Chinese colleges is the possibility of tracking students while they are walking around the college territory. Students are wearing uniforms that have trackers attached in order to keep their safety as high as possible. And a third benefit of the use of AI is the successful creation of headbands. It represents perhaps the most significant achievement of the Chinese technological developers. The headbands are designed to track students’ levels of concentration.


Just imagine that many more countries have stuff like this at their disposal. The level of our education would be on a much bigger level, isn’t that, right?




As you may know, grades are the most important thing for every student regardless of its residence, preferences, or anything else. They exist to show students’ work efficiency and reward their effort when it is deserved. It is enough to convince programmers to keep working on machine learning development. But the question is, how can it be applied to grades? It is fair to say that sometimes professors misunderstand students and estimate their commitment in the wrong way. As a consequence, they are getting grades that may not be true indicators of their true knowledge. And that’s why another benefit of machine learning can be visible in the precise grading of the students. What does it imply? The point is that grading systems in educational institutions are not unified, or simply said, not the same for everyone. And that’s what technology will change as equality must be present at any cost. One of the ways to do it is the creation of paper-grading systems. Those systems will evaluate students’ tests or essay samples accurately and automatically. But here developers can run into some obstacles too. It represents a complex system of mathematical algorithms that must be made unmistakably. Any tiny error can affect the evaluation of the students’ grades. That’s why programmers may be assured that everything goes smoothly and without errors of any kind. With this in mind, colleges should make sure that teachers always make a quick check of the test results before the final decision about grades comes onto the surface.


Caution Is Still Recommended-


Although everyone is delighted about how far we have already gone with the development of technology and AI, the truth is that it is still limited. That is the biggest reason why problems may appear from time to time. Regardless of how big a level of excitement and benefit its use can bring to the students, those limitations are something that must be looked at in 2021. The problem is commonly seen in the privacy and transparency of our education. And of course, those areas are often a thing that students care about the most, especially a private one. There is still little insecurity and disbelief in AI work and its impact on this theme. But we can stay assured that computer scientists and program developers will sort it out in the future. It will allow students to feel completely free and safe. Therefore, caution is recommended for now.




There is no doubt that machine learning will be the future of peoples’ education systems. The improvement and level of mutual understanding students will get is simply too big. It is only a matter of time when we will see its full utilization in every single college and even high school. But of course, it also depends on the countries’ capabilities and, above all, economical position and power. Without it, it can’t be reached, unfortunately. Let’s just hope that many states will be able to answer all the challenges of this kind and improve our education as much as possible.


Using Technology To Teach Writing In School

Using Technology To Teach Writing In Elementary School-



Every elementary student needs to attain a certain level of literacy proficiency to be effective in the world. But this topic is often a chore for the ordinary student. What’s the great news? Learning to write shouldn’t be difficult or stressful, even for children who don’t like to write at all. The possibilities of blended learning offered by educational technology can give rise to thorough writing work on any topic!


Learn From Others-


Teachers, principals, and other teaching professionals may have experienced the same issues as you. Ask your school teachers for suggestions, but don’t forget to look outside the building, because that’s probably where the new ideas are hidden. Online forums, community meetings, scholarship conferences, and career advancement activities are all fantastic ways of gathering and speaking with other educational personnel.


Basic Automation Usage-


While each teacher tries to estimate the submission of a dozen or more kids may be challenging, if not intolerable. The procedural part of drafting that has changed the most over the past few years has been the ability of software to detect fundamental errors. Spell checking, grammar checking, and plagiarism detection have all become much quicker and more precise in the digital age. No spell checker is indeed perfect, but they are still better.

Although the budgets do not allow teachers to assume a lighter classroom load, there are some state-of-the-art resolutions they require, and the teaching staff is not overloaded with scoring. An increasing number of complicated and all-embracing programs are being proposed to assist young people in correcting mistakes in their compositions. They can supply response while composing when it counts the most.

As for the students, who need more profound help from someone who are real experts, is a writing company, which is ready to provide you with fast assistance with your essay writing.

Kids could make adjustments before submitting a handout and obtain it in pieces that are easier to manage so that it doesn’t get uncontrollable. Although these programs continue to evolve, they’ll doubtless turn into a reference tool to assist teachers in teaching drawing up to kids in the coming decades.


Generate Video Data & Reports-


Programs are also useful to assist teaching staff in monitoring pupil’s improvement when writing an article or performing homework.

This type of data can allow kids to obtain full support from their educational staff, and also while they are handwriting every word of a paper.


Link Media Forms Together-


Currently, there are many free-of-charge multimedia types of equipment that teachers can apply in their classrooms, many of which unite flawlessly with handwriting tasks that involve and stimulate kids.

Several educational staff requests kids to unite the videos they have done with the poetry they’ve composed, or to draw up brief film scenarios. Others enable kids to transform their narratives into animation.

There may be needed a little contribution in technology to launch this type of program. Many representatives of the educational personnel record that young people who become inventive and employ up-to-date implements to increase their handwriting perform better are more eager to review. They wish to develop something that’ll be awesome, not just to make the teacher happy.


Let The Class Work Together-


And you should do it in such a way that they can improve their composing. Recent technologies make it simpler than ever for young people to operate collectively on almost everything, notably composition projects. Still free of charge supplies permit kids to operate with each other on a task or deliver one another comment that can be advantageous in the drawing up procedure.

Educational staff may respond or monitor kids to send responses along the way. Then carry on to the summative evaluation stage to estimate the outcome (i.e. preparing) and the estimation and usage of the preparing procedure itself.


Use Social Networks To Discover The Essence Of Writing-


Unfortunately, a large number of kids loathe composition since it’s annoying and not so helpful. A lot of young people simply fail to discover rational solutions of applying what they discover and generate. By the way, how long have you had to compose a long-read paper for the last time?

Professionals imply that educational staff may speed up pupil participation by focusing on the actual goal of a pupil’s drawing up. The Internet can be a worthwhile instrument in doing this, as most young people chat on the Internet.

Kids make comparisons and oppose goods, compose brief essays stating the opinion on a peculiar question, or even develop search-based websites that can notify and enlighten readers.


Use VR & Augmented Reality-


The way of usage lies in the specific situation. If you don’t possess access to its configuration, for instance, it probably won’t be very useful.

Yet, Google Cardboard products and other options have supplied rudimentary VR experiments, but ideally use able for years. Besides, it can be found on most portable devices. In a nutshell, these implements may provide kids with a motive to compose.

All these implements and utmost practices above have to put you in a better place to use technology to improve the writing skills of your students. At the end of the day, we all want to produce better handwriting students who are ready for a more and more connected world at the end of their studies, so keep this in mind. Adopt cutting-edge technologies while inculcating a student’s appreciation of writing in all its forms.