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Learn Sorting By Color & Size With Kids Academy-


Kids often start to classify and organize their toys by likeness on their own. You might notice they compare heights as they construct block towers, trying to see which one is the highest. Sorting is a foundational math skill that, surprisingly, links to algebra because it involves understanding patterns and relationships. Kids who are good at sorting tend to excel at more advanced activities like matching, recognizing patterns, and more. A great way to support the development of these crucial skills is to encourage your child to sort objects by their color and size in everyday life.


Children naturally learn to describe and label objects as they engage with their environment, swiftly expanding their vocabulary. Early literacy books, like Penguins Love Colors by S. Aspinall, and Planting a Rainbow by L. Ehlert, playfully introduce color recognition, making learning enjoyable through activities like guessing which flower matches each penguin.


One of the initial methods your preschooler will employ to describe objects is through colors. You’ll see your child grouping their toys by color, an activity you can further encourage by discussing the various colors present in their playthings. This leads to the realization that objects can share a color yet display different shades. The outdoors offers a perfect setting to explore this notion, where a child will be intrigued to find that grass and a tree leaf, although both green, have distinct shades. For a preschooler, comparing objects that share
a color but vary in shade is a captivating activity.


Below are several easy-to-find items that Kids Academy suggests can help your child practice color-based sorting:

  • Craft pom poms
  • Big buttons
  • Lego bricks
  • Toy food items
  • Natural objects

This video guides your child into the garden, showcasing a practical demonstration of sorting objects by both size and color!



Watch as the Three Little Pigs paint their homes! Your child will be thrilled to assist them in matching each paintbrush with the appropriate paint bucket. During this activity, motivate your child to use color terminology to articulate their thought process.




This engaging video will immerse your child in the exciting world of color sorting!



Another descriptor your child will start using for items is size. To categorize objects by size, your child will need to assess items and decide which one is larger and which is smaller. This process involves an understanding of basic concepts of measurement. Motivate your child to construct towers from blocks and observe which is taller and which is shorter. Embark on a quest for rocks and compare their sizes. Choose comparison terms such as big, medium, and small, and sort the rocks together!



This specific activity allows your child to categorize charming foxes by size. Encourage your child to apply the terms big, medium, and small as they determine the size category for each fox.


Children naturally gravitate towards sorting activities and find them enjoyable. Explore our catalog for additional strategies to nurture your child’s passion for learning!


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