Top Reasons To Learn Web Development Online

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Top Reasons To Learn Web Development Online-


The thing that makes the reality we live in truly unique is the internet. A place in which you can find any information needed, buy almost everything and, probably the most important thing of all, learn almost any skill you want.


The best part of it is that by using the internet you can easily learn how to be a web developer, a person that contributes to its further evolution, a person that takes part in making the most impressive human invention even more interesting.


Web development is currently an excellent path, not only letting you earn a decent amount of money but also being a safe option, being known as a job that really is in demand. Moreover, it lets you leave your work on the internet forever, as a form of building your virtual monument.


Can Web Development Be Learned Online?


Web development, like almost any other skill, can be learned online, without the need of even taking a step in a place other than your room.


There are many websites created just for the purpose of teaching people different skills, often even providing certificates for those who managed to understand and use all the most vital knowledge.


The best thing about it is that nowadays you can choose between multiple courses, which often provide a free trial, meaning that you will be able to see which option satisfies you the most. That lets you know which course you should choose, making sure that you will not spend much time and any money on something that does not really let you develop new skills efficiently enough.


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What Are The Advantages of E-learning?


E-Learning is a thing that may sometimes be considered by people (mostly the older generation) as inefficient or pointless. However, in reality, it is an excellent alternative to a conventional way of learning, being often much more effective, faster, and less tiring.


This solution provides a unique possibility of acquiring new information anytime you want and for as long as you want. Moments like bus journeys or train rides, which used to be extremely boring can now be spent on self-improvement in the form of learning.


All that makes learning online often even faster, more efficient, and more reliable than the conventional way of learning.  The only thing needed is self-discipline, some time, and commitment.

Nowadays, there are numerous platforms designed to support e-learning business, including ones for storing and securing all course assets, building interactive forms or even Learning Management Systems with everything you need built-in.


3 Best Web Development Online Courses For Beginners in 2023


To be honest, most of the best courses are available at Udemy, a website which is created by professionals who prepare lessons in the way they find the most effective. That is why on this one side you can find many different courses that provide knowledge in very diverse ways, using completely different methods.


The first online course is called “The Complete Web Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery” by Andrei Neagoie, teaching how to use for example HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and what to do to make your work stand out. This is an incredible course made for beginners to help them understand the essential, but not the hardest, parts of web development.


The second option is Brad Schiff’s “Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS”, which focuses mostly on making your website look appealing and provides you with great exercises that will let you test and further develop your skills.


The last proposition is “JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts” by Anthony Alicea, who focuses, as the title may suggest, on teaching one of the most essential programming languages: JavaScript, known for being quite complicated. That is exactly why this course is so amazing- it lets you become a user of a skill, that really does matter for potential employers.


How Long Does It Take To Learn Web Development?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell exactly how long it will take you to become a web developer, it depends on many different factors, out of which many depend on a particular situation or random events.


Also, web development is not a single skill, every single website consists of two different parts, the Back-End, and the Front-End Development, and each of them to be properly created requires knowledge of different programming languages.


Moreover, every individual learns in a different way, at a different speed. Also, people tend to spend different amounts of time learning, making it even harder to estimate the exact time needed to become a web developer.


Thirdly, there are no strict guidelines for when you become a web developer, and what you really need to know to call yourself a professional. Some employers will think that knowledge of three different programming languages is enough, some will not.


However, people usually spend at least one year learning before they feel safe to call themselves web developers. On the other hand, some people need to spend more than two years on learning, so only you, after seeing how fast you make progress, can predict how much more time you will need.




Web development lets you become one of the creators of the internet, a thing used by almost every person living on Earth. Moreover, it lets earn a decent amount of money, develop as a person, and- can be learned completely online, sometimes in a quite short period of time.


There are many reasons why becoming a web developer is an incredible idea and almost no drawbacks to it. Even if in the end you would not feel interested or passionate about creating internet space, it may change the way you look at the websites and definitely will let you improve, both as an individual and as an employee.


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