Message Switching | Switching Techniques

Switching in Computer Networks-


The process of moving the data packets towards their destination by forwarding them from one port to the other port is called as switching.


Switching Techniques-


Various switching techniques are-



  1. Circuit Switching
  2. Message Switching
  3. Packet Switching


In this article, we will discuss about Message Switching.


Message Switching-


In message switching,

  • There exists no dedicated path to transfer data.
  • The entire message is treated as a single data unit.
  • The message is then forwarded from hop to hop.
  • Store and Forward is an important characteristic of message switching.
  • The message carries a header that contains the full information about the destination.
  • When any intermediate switch receives the message, it stores the entire message.
  • The message is stored until sufficient resources become available to transfer it to the next switch.
  • When resources become available, the switch forwards the message to the next switch.






  • It improves the channel efficiency over Circuit Switched Network.
  • In circuit switched network, the channel is blocked for two ends only.
  • But here, more devices can share the channel.




  • It is helpful in reducing traffic congestion.
  • The message may be temporarily stored in the route and then forwarded whenever required.




  • It is helpful in setting the message priorities due to store and forward technique.






  • It requires enough storage at every switch to accommodate the entire message during the transmission.




  • It is extremely slow due to store and forward technique.
  • Also, the message has to wait until sufficient resources become available to transfer it to the next switch.


Message switching is replaced by Packet switching.


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Message Switching | Switching Techniques
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Message Switching | Switching Techniques
Switching in computer networks is done using three techniques- Circuit Switching, Message Switching, Packet Switching. Message Switching in Networking is a switching technique that follows store and forward strategy. The message is forwarded from hop to hop.
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