Batch Operating System | Types of Operating System

Types of Operating System-


The most popularly used types of operating system are-



  1. Batch Operating System
  2. Multiprogramming Operating System
  3. Multitasking Operating System
  4. Multiprocessing Operating System
  5. Real time Operating System


In this article, we will discuss about Batch Operating System.


Batch Operating System-


In batch operating system,

  • Firstly, user prepares his job using punch cards.
  • Then, he submits the job to the computer operator.
  • Operator collects the jobs from different users and sort the jobs into batches with similar needs.
  • Then, operator submits the batches to the processor one by one.
  • All the jobs of one batch are executed together.





  • It saves the time that was being wasted earlier for each individual process in context switching from one environment to another environment.
  • No manual intervention is needed.






Priority can not be set for the jobs.


In batch operating system,

  • All the jobs of a batch are executed sequentially one after the other.
  • The output is obtained only after all the jobs are executed.
  • Thus, priority can not be implemented if a certain job has to be executed on an urgent basis.




Batch operating system may lead to starvation.


In batch operating system,

  • The jobs of a particular batch might take long time for their execution.
  • This might lead to starvation to other jobs in other batches.




CPU may remain idle for a long time.


In batch operating system,

  • If the jobs of a batch require some I/O operation, then CPU must wait till the I/O operation gets completed.
  • Since I/O devices are very slow, CPU remains idle for a long time.
  • CPU can not take any other job and execute it.




There is a lack of interaction between a user and his job.


In batch operating system,

  • Once a batch is submitted for execution, the user is not able to interact with any of his jobs.
  • If a job requires the user to input data during run time, then user must wait till the other jobs of the batch get executed.
  • This also increases the overall execution time.


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Batch Operating System | Types of Operating System
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Types of Operating System. In batch operating system, operator collects jobs from different users and converts them into batches with similar needs. Advantages and Disadvantages.
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