Selection Sort | Selection Sort Algorithm

Selection Sort-


  • Selection sort is one of the easiest approaches to sorting.
  • It is inspired from the way in which we sort things out in day to day life.
  • It is an in-place sorting algorithm i.e. it uses no auxiliary data structures while sorting.


How Selection Sort Works?


Consider the following elements are to be sorted in ascending order-

6, 2, 11, 7, 5


Selection sort works as-

  • It finds the first smallest element (2).
  • It swaps it with the first element of the unordered list.
  • It finds the second smallest element (5).
  • It swaps it with the second element of the unordered list.
  • Similarly, it continues to sort the given elements.


As a result, sorted elements in ascending order are-

2, 5, 6, 7, 11


Selection Sort Algorithm-


Let A be an array with n elements. The selection sort algorithm used for sorting is as follows-


for (i = 0 ; i < n-1 ; i++)


   index = i;

   for(j = i+1 ; j < n ; j++)


      if(A[j] < A[index])

      index = j;


   temp = A[i];

   A[i] = A[index];

   A[index] = temp;




  • i = variable to traverse the array A
  • index = variable to store the index of minimum element
  • j = variable to traverse the unsorted sub-array
  • temp = temporary variable used for swapping


Selection Sort Example-


Consider the following elements are to be sorted in ascending order-

6, 2, 11, 7, 5


The above selection sort algorithm works as illustrated below-


Step-01: For i = 0



Step-02: For i = 1



Step-03: For i = 2



Step-04: For i = 3



Step-05: For i = 4


Loop gets terminated as ‘i’ becomes 4.


The state of array after the loops are finished is as shown-



With each loop cycle,

  • The minimum element in unsorted sub-array is selected.
  • And placed at the correct location in the sorted sub-array until array A is completely sorted.


Selection Sort Time Complexity-


  • Selection sort algorithm consists of two nested loops.
  • Owing to the two nested loops, it has O(n2) time complexity.


Time Complexity
Best Casen2
Average Casen2
Worst Casen2


Selection Sort Space Complexity-


  • Selection sort is an in-place algorithm.
  • It performs all computation in the original array and no other array is used.
  • Hence, the space complexity works out to be O(1).


Important Notes-


  • Selection sort is not a very efficient algorithm when data sets are large.
  • This is indicated by the average and worst case complexities.
  • Selection sort uses minimum number of swap operations O(n) among all the sorting algorithms.


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Selection Sort | Selection Sort Algorithm
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Selection Sort | Selection Sort Algorithm
Sorting Algorithms- Selection Sort is the easiest approach to sorting. Selection Sort Algorithm with Example is given. Selection Sort Time Complexity is O(n2). Selection Sort Space Complexity is O(1).
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